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man and woman

This is the third part of a long story.

First part of the story: Long Story 1

Second part of the story: Long Story 2

Vishvanath; USA

“I am sorry Vishva!” Parvy finally spoke, as they waited for Rohit outside his school. Vishva did not respond.

“Look! Trust me it was not planned!” Parvy said and Vishva turned to look at Parvy with a ‘seriously?’ look. “Ok! No one plans these!” continued Parvy “She was easy to talk to man! She was just easy to talk to. That’s how it started. I don’t even know how we ended up….” Parvy stopped with a big sigh.

“How long?” asked Vishva, not taking his eyes off the school’s gate.

“2 years” Parvy said.

2 years! Thought Vishva. 2 years of betrayal, lies and cheating. “How can you live with such a lie? I mean you were fucking my wife you moron!!!” Vishva said in a loud voice. The lady who was standing in front of them turned to look at the guy who spoke and the guy who was fucking his wife. “Hi!” Parvy flashed a smile at her. “How are you today?”. The woman raised an eyebrow and turned away.

“For your information! We are “fucking” only for the last 3 months. But yeah, I’ve been trying to get into her pants long before that”. Even before Parvy finished the sentence, Vishva lifted his fist and Parvy blocked it with all his might. Vishva lifted his left knee and hit Parvy on his stomach. Parvy bent over with pain, but not before he head-butted Vishva on his stomach. Thus, both men fell down and were squirming in pain.

The moms who were waiting for their kids outside the school were transfixed by this display. These were two very good-looking, tall, exotic men, who were behaving like absolute Neanderthals. It’s definitely better than reality TV and was a surprise during a boring weekday afternoon. No one tried to intervene, first, because they did not want to and second, because they were afraid to be in the middle of this testosterone fest. And then, the gates opened, and the kids walked out the gates.

Rohit, Vishva’s son, walked out with his friend Sean. “So! The third level is not that tough. The more skulls you collect as you reach the dragon, the more better though” Sean was saying. “Ok! I will try it this weekend. Bye!” Rohit lifted his fist and Sean bumped it with his. I will have to watch the video on how to proceed to the third level; that will give me more assurance, Rohit thought. Sean and Rohit were talking about the Dragonslayer. It was a video game and Rohit had finished the 2nd level. Rohit’s eyes started to search for his mom as he thought of all this.

He was preoccupied in searching for his mom among the moms that he did not notice the 2 big men lying on the ground. Rohit kept scanning the crowd. He turned to look at the parking lot. His mom’s car was not parked in its usually space. Where is mom! Rohit thought. “Rohit” Vishva said in a pain-laden voice, “Rohit!!!”. Rohit turned to look at his father and his eyes bulged in shock. His dad and Parvy uncle were on the ground clutching their stomach. “OMG” Rohit said and ran towards them. “What happened?”. “We wanted to see who can hold their breath for more time buddy” Parvy lied easily. Rohit looked at Parvy and said “holding…. Your breath?”. “Yes!” Vishva said and got up, still clutching his stomach. “Righhhhht!!” Rohit said sarcastically and shook his head.

“You can’t think of anything else?”Vishva accused Parvy in a secretive voice, “Holding breath? Moron!”

“As if you…” Parvy started, when Rohit asked “Where’s mom? Why are you two here? Is she alright?”

Both Vishva and Parvy looked at Rohit as their man brains started to cook stuff up and decide what to say. After 30 seconds, they were still thinking. Rohit looked at them with a bored expression and decided to ask his mom directly. “Let’s go” Rohit said and walked towards the blue ford SUV. Vishva and Parvy dusted themselves off and followed the boy.


“Who are they? That’s Jaya’s kid right?” asked one mom to another.

“Yup! I think that one’s the dad!” she said, pointing to Parvy “I don’t know about the other one.” And they both nodded as they watched the men drive off.

Parabavathi; India

The door bell rang at 9:00 pm. Charan ran to get the door. “Appa!! He screamed and Prabha reflexively crooked herself to take a look at Arun. “Appa! I got my math marks!”. “Wow! How much?” Arun asked with a grin. “Full” said Charan and did a victory dance. Arun smiled, kept his bag on the dining table, and went straight to the kitchen. Prabha was flipping a dosa in the tawa.

Arun opened every vessel placed near the gas stove and saw what was in it. There was coconut chutney, green gram was soaked in water in one vessel, one had sambar and there was lemon juice in another.

Arun took a tumbler and poured lemon juice in it. Prabha took the vessel with dosa batter and started to pour a little using a ladle on the tawa. When she kept the vessel down, Arun touched her hip and placed a peck on her left cheek. “Hi!” he said and Prabha replied with a smile. She quickly got back to making dosas. “Charannnn!!” she called and placed 2 dosas and chutney on a silver plate. Charan came to the kitchen as he kicked his football around. “How many times have I told you, keep the football in the balcony” Arun screamed from the bedroom. Charan rolled his eyes and kicked the football near the sofa. As Charan reached for the plate, Prabha said “Wash your hands” and started to spread the poured batter on the tawa. “Are yaar!” he whined and went to wash his hands.

Arun came to the kitchen and took a plate for himself. Just then his phone rang. “Yeah Dhinren!” he said and held his phone to one ear using his shoulders. He started to place 2 dosas on the plate and helped himself with chutney and sambar. “Get out of the kitchen! Kitchen’s already small” Prabha whined. Arun took the plate, smacked her back and walked out of the kitchen. Prabha sighed and continued to make dosas.

“Give me the remote Charan!” Arun asked, “Here you go!” Charan gave the TV remote to his father and took the laptop and turned it on. He clicked on Ted Ed channel in YouTube and started to eat. Arun saw the football near the sofa and yelled at him to keep it in the balcony. Soon Arun and Charan were yelling at each other for various reasons. After serving dosas to the two, Prabha started to make dosa for herself. Arun was saying “You never listen to me! For how long you have been watching TV?” he was asking Charan. Charan said “Only now! Only now!”. Two fought for some time and started to eat in silence after 3 mins.

After that small interaction, Arun went inside the bedroom and got busy working on his laptop. Prabha and Charan talked about school, friends, and nothings. And then they all slept.

Prabha was late to office the next day. It was already 9:30. She had 3 interviews scheduled today. By the time it was 9, she was in office. She kept her helmet under her back seat and proceeded to walk towards the lift.

Her phone rang just when she was about to board the lift. She decided to leave it to ring and got into the lift. She was checking whether 6th floor was pressed, when she heard Sushmita, the intern, say, “Good morning Ma’am”. Sushmita looked too very happy to see her. Prabha tried to put in some amount of happiness and enthusiasm in her smile to mirror the girl’s, failed, and turned her attention to her phone. The call was from Arun. She sighed and kept the phone back inside her pocket. Did I send the resumes to Pranav? Aarthi told me the review meeting will be at 12:00. Should I prepare a presentation or can we just go through the document? Hmmmm! I should go have tea. Did I have tea in the morning? I definitely made a cup. Damn it! Is it inside the oven again! Did I pack Charan’s van snack? Hmmmmm! Did I lock the door with 2 key rotation or 3? I should call the provision stores to deliver atta in the evening.

The lift stopped at 4th floor. Prabha, who was having a conversation with herself, absently walked out. Sushmita’s eyes went wide as she raised her hand to stop Prabha from going out of the lift; she accidentally poked a girl’s eyes. Just then Prabha realized it’s the wrong floor and tried to get back into the lift. The girl who got her eyes poked shrieked and took a step backwards. Sushmita tried to get to Prabha and tripped in the process. She tripped and fell on Prabha, who was trying to get back into the lift.

Prabha was too shocked to react and just lay there on the polished floor. “You OK Ma’am?,” Sushmita, who was now standing, asked with a worried expression.

“Prabha?” said Mr. Angel aka Mr. Ranjit. Prabha, who was still on the ground, looked at him with a ‘what are you doing here?’ expression. He flashed a smile and said “I work here. Any plans on getting up?” Prabha smiled back and said “Yes! help me please?”

He chuckled and extended his hands towards Prabha.

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