Spicy Rasam

Not a cooking or food blog! I just share what's cooking in my mind.

The blog is called the spicy rasam because of the content in the blog. Rasam is an Indian dish which is light, soothing, spicy, medicinal, tasty, and sweet. My grandmother highly recommends rasam in case you are not feeling well (physically…).

Just like Rasam, my write-ups are light, tasty (I hope!), medicinal, spicy and sweet.

This blog contains fun reads, things to ponder, poems and fiction. All the content in this blog is written by Gayathri Eswaran aka NJ (which is me, I, moi, naan, mein).

If you have read the blog, you will see that I can’t help myself but be humorous. The content here just depicts my view of the world, my love to write and my love to tell stories. You can call it my expression of what I feel through writing. I work for and push for free, quality education for rural India. I believe quality education in the game changer when it comes to a country’s development.

Relevant articles:

Education is Like a Country’s Engine Oil

The Digitization of a Country

Tanglish, Hinglish and just Plain English

I do not take myself seriously, but I take my writing very seriously. Therefore, I write with my heart.

There is a fiction series that is my first attempt at writing a Novel. I publish twice a week. If you like fiction, start with this post: Long Story: How my ex became my best friend


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