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This is the tenth part of a long story.

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man and woman

Vishva; India; year 2000; 12 years ago

Vishva smiled. “Waiting for the bus?” he asked. “Yes” replied Prabha, “You?” “Yes” replied Vishva.

And then they sat there for another 5 mins without talking and listening to the crows and traffic.

“SO!” Prabha started, “umm.. you came in a car!” she pointed–waved at the red Maruti. “Yeah!” Vishva replied. “How did you come?” “Oh! By bus.” Prabha said. “Oh!” said Vishva.

And then they sat there for another 5 mins without talking and listening to the crows and traffic.

“Hmmm! I’m really scared.” Vishva said suddenly. “I’d really like it if we became friends.” Prabha looked at him for a few seconds surprised by the truth saying. He was anxiously, absent-mindedly tapping on his thighs. She smiled. She liked truth. “Me too!” she said and took out her Walkman. “Share?” she asked Vishva holding out one of the earphone. Vishva smiled and took it from her. He moved to sit close to her and they both started listening to “Bye Bye Bye” by Nsync.


“Your tea sir,” said the tea vendor. “Thanks” said Vishva’s father and took it. “First day in college?” asked the tea maker looking at the students waiting near the bus stop. “Yup!” replied Vishva’s dad as he placed the tea on top of his Maruti 800 and took money out to pay the tea vendor, “And my boy is making friends,” looking at Vishva and Prabha.


“Good morning students,” the principal said, “Welcome to RC Manikandan Engineering College. Study well and do not get into trouble,” and sat in his seat. “Thank you sir.” Said the event organizer, “and students, you will find your welcome kit in your seats. Wear your ID cards all the time. Students who come in buses will be issued a bus ID card. Collect it form the office between 2:00 to 3:00 pm. I assume all of you have collected the college kit already. If not, please collect it from the office. You will be given a scientific calculator by your class teacher. And that is all. All the best. Disperse!!”

The students stared to disperse when, Deepika asked “Did you get your college kit?” to Prabha. “Yes!” she replied. “I still have to. Can you come with me?” asked Deepika. “yup! Come on,” replied Prabha. Deepika smiled and both the girls walked towards the office room.

“My drafter is broken man! You think I can replace it?” Natraj was asking, but Vishva was preoccupied with eye-following Prabha. “Vishva??? Dude??” Natraj nudged Vishva out of his trance. “Yeah! Hi… yes” said Vishva. Natraj looked at Vishva’s line of sight and saw Prabha and Deepika. “Dude!! First day… OMG!! For the love of god!!!” he said and walked out. “Hey! I know her.. Nutty… wait..Nutty…. wait….” Vishva ran following Natraj.

Prabha and Vishva; year 2001; India

Vishva checked himself in the mirror, took the birthday present and the bouquet of flowers. They were red roses; 20 red roses. He had stopped his car near the 4th street. He did not want Prabha to know he was rich. He locked his car and put the keys in his blazer pocket. They keys were in a wooden carving key chain. The name ‘Prabha’ was engraved on it. Prabha had got it for him when she went to Simla. He swiftly walked towards the 3rd street, to Ramdas Apartments. As he opened the gate, he could see a lot of bikes and scooters. He sighed. Her biking buddies had beat him here. As he passed the parked bikes, he kicked the yellow Yamaha with all his might. The damn bike still stood even after taking the kick.

He jumped his way up to the 2nd floor and rang the doorbell. He could hear the cheer and music. Prabha’s mom opened the door and said “Vishu!! Come in boy.” She lead him to the dining area, “I’ll get you some juice. Wait!”

Vishva eyes searched for Prabha and found her. She was wearing a turquoise salwar kameez. Her face was pure delight as she revealed a present from one of her biker buddies. It was a Samurai X key chain. “OMG!!” squealed Prabha and turned to show it to Deepika. Vishva just sat there mesmerized as always. Her haphazard hair was everywhere. She did not have an iota of makeup on her face. She looked like an angel. “Fuckkkkkk” screamed Prabha suddenly. “Prabhaaaaaa… “ scolded her father from the balcony. “OMGG!! Sorry pa.. sorry..” said Prabha and giggled. She had revealed another present. It was a George Clooney wall poster. Deepika had given her that. Prabha hugged her friend for such a thoughtful gift.

“Here!” said Prabha’s mom and handed Vishva a glass of lemon juice. Vishva gulped it up and gave the tumbler back. “Thanks Aunty” he said and got up to meet Prabha. As he was above to call her, “Vishvaaaaaa” screamed Justin and hit him on his back. This got Prabha’s attention and she turned to look for Vishva. When she found him, her face broke into a beautiful smile. She forgot the presents and made her way towards Vishva.

“Hi Justin.” Vishva was saying. “How are you?” “Awesome man! What the hell are you wearing?” asked Justin looking at Vishva’s Syed Bawker tailored suit. “What the hell are you wearing?” Vishva asked looking at Justin’s torn jeans and yellow colored baniyan. “Vishu!!!” Prabha said and hugged Vishva tight. Justin looked on with chagrin.

“Hey!” He said, separating the huggers. Justin held Prabha’s upper arm and pulled her towards him. “Wanna go for a ride Prabha?” he asked not noticing the death stare Vishva was giving him.

Prabha flinched as she tried to make Justin let her go. Justin held her even more tighter and said “Pretty boy! Want to join us? You can ride with Taman.” Suddenly Justin screamed, fell down and writhed in pain. Prabha had knee punched him in his thighs.

She turned to Vishva. “Come on!” she said, held his wrists and walked. Prabha and Vishva went into the kitchen and Prabha sat on the center table. She grabbed the present from Vishva and asked, “What’s this?” “Open it.” He said with a smile.

Prabha’s mom came near the table and waited for Prabha to open the present. She saw the red roses and asked, “Want to give it to her?” Vishva handed the red roses to Prabha and said, “Happy birthday.”

Prabha smiled, took the roses from him, gave them to her mom and finished opening the present. It was a brown earrings. They were made with brown stones. They were an usual design that you see everywhere. Prabha’s face crumbled. “You don’t like it?” asked Vishva. “Prabha shrugged and tried to act cool. Her mom walked away sensing awkwardness. “It is just not my style.” Prabha said trying hard to hide her disappointment.

Vishva moved back from her and said “Fine!” and walked away. He walked straight out the house and to his car. He could not hide his anger, but he can hide himself away. ‘The least she could have done is pretended to like it,’ he thought. ‘the least.’

“You could have pretended to like it Prabha,” her mom said, with worried understanding. “He probably tried his best.” Prabha kept looking at the closed door. “I know mom! I know! I was just disappointed that he did not know what I wanted. How can he not know? I do not want a Samurai X key chain or a Nokia earphones, but I did pretend to like them. I do not know why I can’t with him. He should know what I want right? He is my boyfriend.”

Prabha; now; India

Prabha was looking out the window from the Boeing flight. She was absently touching her brown earrings. “Can we get some hot towels please” Shalini was saying to the flight attendant. “Why?” asked Prabha, “For what do you use them for?” “I think they are actually to clean your hands properly so that you do not spread infections. But I just like them on my face. Warmmmm,” said Shalini, Prabha’s quirky Manager. Prabha smiled and looked out the window. The sky was very clear. She went back to touching her brown earrings. Rekha calls the earrings “lucky charms”. Lucky or not, she did not feel lonely when she wore them. They were her ‘go to’ earrings.

Vishva; now; USA

Vishva was updating the weekly report, when Mitch asked him “Hey! The TL from XMS’s name is Prabha. Why does this name sound so familiar man? I feel like I know the name.” Vishva smiled and showed him the key chain to his office drawers. It was a wooden carving wherein the name ‘Prabha’ was written in calligraphy. “Oh!! Yeah…” chuckled Mitch, “That’s why!! So ‘Prabha’ is a name… hmmm….care to tell me why you have that key chain mate?” asked Mitch in a teasing voice.

“Prabha was my first love.” Vishva said in a very serious tone and went back to working on his report. Mitch, sensing his friend’s mood, silently mouthed “another time” and turned to his work.

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  1. Rama says:

    Anxiously waiting for that moment – Prabha meeting Vishwa at US….!

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