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This is the twelfth part of a long story.

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man and woman

Vishva and Prabha; India; 2001

“I want to take a break.” Vishva said, put his thermal dynamics book down and looked at Prabha. She was immersed in her circuit theory practice. “Prabha!!” he called. “Hmm…” she replied without taking her eyes off the book. Vishva was sitting on one side of the bed and Prabha was sitting on the other side. Their semester exams were coming up and they were preparing for them. Prabha was wearing a black jeans and the frilled t-shirt Vishva had bought for her. Group study with girlfriend was a bad idea. Vishva suddenly held Prabha’s feet and pulled her towards him. She squealed all the way on to Vishva’s lap. “I want a kiss.” He declared when she was cozily with him. “Me too!” said Natraj who was sitting on the study table. Deepika hit Natraj with the big book by AK Sawhney. “Girl!! Are you trying to kill me?” said Natraj, got the big book from Deepika, and kept it safely below the table.

Vishva and Prabha were oblivious to this and kept talking nonsense and giggling. “Seriously guys!! There are single people here,” said Natraj whining-ly. “Prabha!! You done? Shall we check each other’s notes?” asked Deepika.

“Yes!” Prabha replied, jumped down off Vishva’s lap and went to retrieve her notebook. Deepika and Prabha sat on the bed to check each other’s circuit problems. “Should we check each other’s notes too?” asked Natraj to Vishva. And got a death stare from Vishva in response. Suddenly Prabha’s pen stopped working. Prabha searched for a pen and found Vishva’s backpack. She took it and started to search for a pen inside it. She was taking some stuff out when she found a bank passbook and opened it. It was Vishva’s account. There was credit of 10000 rs every month. Prabha stared at it for some time before Vishva grabbed it from her. “Why are you going through my stuff?” he asked and started to put all the things back into the backpack. “Doesn’t your father work in a factory? And your mom a bank clerk?” asked Prabha.

“Yes!” Vishva replied.

“Then why are they giving you 10000 every month?” asked Prabha.

“They want me to know about saving money. So, I invest it,” replied Vishva.

“Wow! I wish my parents want me to learn about saving money that bad,” replied Prabha sarcastically.

“You know you should learn to respect people’s privacy. What I do with my life is none….”

“……… are you rich?” interrupted Prabha.

“………..none of your business,” concluded Vishva, “What?” he asked.

“Are you rich?,” asked Prabha again, “ ’cause it is kind of obvious. And I do not know why you want me to think that you are not. I mean what do you think……”

“…….For how long have you known?” Interrupted Vishva.

“….. of me? I am not that dumb to not notice things,” concluded Prabha. And sighed. “I asked you a question first. Why do you want me to think you are not rich?”

“How long have you known that I am rich? Before we started going out? After? Who told you? Why didn’t you ask me?”

“I am asking you now. Why are you making it a big deal? It should me who is making a big deal of it. Why do you think I should not know that you are rich Vishu?”

“BECAUSE I do not want you to love me because of that,” shouted Vishva. “You!! You knew? What did you think I am a big catch? Is that why you are my girlfriend? ‘cause I cannot sometimes believe why you’re…” Prabha slapped him before he could finish the sentence. “Fuck you!” she whispered in his ears and stormed out of the door. Vishva stood there shocked. She slapped him in front of Deepika and Natraj and he just stood there. No one has ever hit him before. Not even his parents. This girl!! This small girl just hit him. His nose became red. He turned to take his backpack and stormed after Prabha. She is not getting away with that.

Prabha was furiously trying to start her Scooty that was parked outside Deepika’s house. Vishva unlocked his car and went straight to Prabha and held her hand . “Come with me,” he said. Prabha looked at him and said, “Let my hand go! I do not want to hurt you,” and started to kick her Scooty’s starter. Vishva laughed. ‘hurt me?’ he thought. The nerve of this woman. He was visibly fuming now. He held her right hand and turned her back towards him, capturing both her hands. “Vishva, I do not want to make a scene. Let me go,” Prabha warned him.

Few onlookers had stopped dead to see what happens. “You’re coming with me.” Vishva said and carried her with his left hand, while he took her keys from the Scooty with his right. Now Prabha was fuming. She thought of hitting him in his thighs. Sigh… it’ll pain. Then she thought of biting him. Sigh… that’ll pain too. Best way is to head-butt his chin. Damn! That’ll hurt too. She sighed and just went limp. Fine! Carry me. I will not hurt you, she thought.

Vishva carried her to the car and pushed her in. She just sat there. She consoled herself by saying men have weak spots. It is OK. I do not want to hurt my boyfriend.

With about 5 to 6 disappointed onlookers and Deepika’s mom looking on, they drove away in the Maruthi 800. Just as the car turned left, Natraj and Deepika came running outside. “What happened?” Natraj asked. “Your one friend just lifted the other friend and they left.” Said Deepika’s mom and shook her head. “I’m guessing Vishva lifted Prabha,” said Deepika. Her mom and Natraj looked at her with a ‘WTH’ expression.

Vishva parked the car near Welcome colony and turned to Prabha, “how long?”

Prabha sighed, “The earrings you bought,” she said and turned to look at him, “Where did you buy them?”

“God! The earrings again. I am very sorry I do not satisfy you my queen. But it is the best I could do.” he said.

Prabha sighed, “You moron! Who bought you the earrings? It is definitely not you who bought them? Who was it? Was it Raju (Raju was Vishva’s driver)? Was it Rangasamy (Rangasamy was Vishva’s father’s assistant)? ”

“whaaa? Whaa?whhhyyyy? why? You why?” stammered Vishva

“Those are gold earrings. They probably cost like 50000 rs. Of course, for you it is just 5 months’ pocket money,” Prabha said and turned to get out of the car, when Vishva stopped her.

“I’m sorry.” He said, and Prabha smiled not facing him. She turned to Vishva with a stern expression. “But! Why didn’t you say anything?” asked Vishva.

“Well! You park your car 2 streets away and walk to my house, you buy shirts in Pothys, but you have a Chopard wrist watch.”

“That does not explain how you know Raju and Ramasamy,” said Vishva

“And…. I met your sister in Hi-Style once. She told me You guys were loaded,” said Prabha and kept an ‘I’m sorry’ face.

Vishva sat back and thought. “Dude! You never took me to your home. Did it not occur to you that I would investigate?” asked Prabha.

Well! She knows. Damn you Preethi!! He thought. His sister is such a meddling brat. “Yeah! I’m rich,” said Vishva. “Now you know.”

Prabha laughed. “Sweetie! I’ve known for some time now. I’ve also been chronically angry at you for lying. And I have a secret too.” Prabha said and kept the “I’m sorry’ face again. “Your sister and I are like best buddies. We talk a lot man!”

Vishva felt a humongous smile erupting. “SO!! I can happily wear whatever I like now huh?” he asked.

“Boy! Dress yourself up in Raymond’s. I don’t care” she said, “I only care about what’s inside the dress.”

Vishva pulled her to him and started to kiss her.

Prabha; USA

Prabha felt like she was walking on air. She kept looking down at the road to check if her feet were there. She was not a slim person. Why the hell is she feeling so light? Is this what ‘light-headedness’ feel like? But then she definitely felt like she was walking on air or cloud. She kept looking at the road to check it. Is this hormones? God! She had not felt her hormones since…. God when was the last time? She is on a hormone overdrive. Definitely!! She turned to look at Vishva. He was walking with both his pockets inside his pants in a cool way. It was a little cold, she thought. Then why the hell does her neck and cheeks feel warm. What the hell is happening to her?

Vishva; USA

Vishva was walking with both his hands inside his pockets. He fisted inside the pockets with frustration. He should look like some 70s wannabe Rock Star, who behaved like he was too cool to use hands for support. He was wearing formals and that did not help. Some people were actually giving him the stare. What the hell is wrong with him? He looked at Prabha. She was smiling and looked pretty cool. How can she be this cool? She’d met me after, what? 6 years now? and what was worse, he kept looking at her. She had some mild color in her cheeks, some blush maybe. She was walking in a steady pace with a cool temperament. Then he remembered how mentally strong his ex. was. He sighed. So, it is just me who wants to hug her, kiss her, hold her…. . STOP!! He ordered himself. Now is not the time to get horny. Meeting!!! Yes! think about Alejo!! He pictured Alejo eating a sandwich… Alejo telling jokes… Alejo. It worked. He took his hands out. Took his ID card out to swipe. “After you!” he said, looking at Prabha. Prabha smiled and went inside the Pacific building.

Twelfth part of the story: Long Story 14


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