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It’s the End!

It’s the End!

The week is ending…

I’m not done!

I’m not done!

There’s work still pending…

I can’t start afresh…

My undone work is a mesh…

I need a day… another day…

Please let there be another Sunday…

A 3-day weekend…

I can do all the work pending…

Oprah_Three weekend


Of course I won’t..

I’ll lose that Sunday.

I’ll waste that Sunday.

I’ll doze, and booze, I’ll sit.. and sit more…

Sigh.. Let it be the end…

Screw it! There’ll be another weekend!

One thought on “Weekend is Here!!!

  1. Gottfried says:

    “My undone work is mesh”. Unreal wordplay

    Liked by 3 people

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