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Today was perfect. I woke up before the alarm. I made very tasty food. My son woke up to just one wake-up call. I knew exactly what I was going to wear (Girls!! You get me!!). My skin was glowing. My tea was perfect. Husband listened all my instructions (Hehe! It was a like a dream). I got ready right on time to go to work. I slid inside the cab (with so much style). My hair was flowing in all the right directions. The AC in the cab was perfect.

When I walked to office, there was a jump in my walk. When I went near an elevator, it just opened (yup!! This actually happened). The security person said, “Good morning Madam.” I was in form! I went to fill water in my bottle and there was no line of people with a similar goal. I turned the tap, filled water. I turned with such panache with my heel totally co-operating with the turn. I flipped my hair like there was an audience, and I slipped and fell. Yup! It was excruciatingly embarrassing. Especially when you’ve been made believe by god him/her self that you are blessed. It was painful, but I was smiling. You know you’d think that people would run to help you? No! They did not. Many asked if I was OK from a safe distance from me, but no one approached me (honestly! I would have done the same thing). They probably did not want to be part of the embarrassment.

Image result for embarrassing moment meme

I walked sporting with a ridiculously smiling face, for a person who fell, to my cubicle. In hindsight, I think I just should have showed some pain in my face. Why the hell was I trying to hide it?

So! People…. What was your most embarrassing moment in your life? How did you feel? Please tell me in the comments! 

2 thoughts on ““A perfect day” Not!!!!!

  1. AmyRose🌹 says:

    I think it terrible that no one even offered to help you. If I had been there, my reflex would have been to come to you quickly making sure you had not hurt yourself. So what if you were embarrassed. What is important if you were hurt or not. One of my most embarrassing moments ….. I honestly forgot my nightie was see-through. It was summer. I walked outside to do something, perhaps fill the bird feeder. As I stepped outside, I didn’t expect anyone at all at that time of the morning. But I was wrong. There staring at me was my neighbor and son. It was then I realized exactly what I had on. I acted as though all was OK and that I did not have a see-through nightie on. I couldn’t get back in my house fast enough. LOL

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    1. NJ says:

      Omg Amy…😁😁 Maybe no one helped because I was smiling like I just won a million gold coins… Yup.. that should be it😂😂

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