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Sharon swiped her ID card to enter into the office. The doors remained closed. She tried again. They still remained closed. Sharon sighed and tried again; they still remained closed. She heard the similar “access denied” voice message from her vicinity. She turned towards the direction of the voice message. There was another guy who was trying to gain access. He got the same message. The guy looked at Sharon looking at him and walked over. Sharon deduced that he wanted to try it in the machine she was swiping. He did. The same voice over repeated. “Access denied”. “I think the machines are broken!” he declared. Sharon nodded. Another employee entered, swiped his ID card, and got access. Sharon and the guy looked at each other, puzzled. Both waited in the reception for the IT personnel to fix the issue.


Sharon had been waiting for the lifts for 15 mins now. Somehow, the lift that was much farther always opened and she could never get in. She sighed and started to look at her phone. She heard someone walk towards the lobby and turned towards the footsteps. It was the same guy who could not swipe his ID card. She had found out that his name was Preetham. They nodded at each other. Just then, the lift near Sharon opened. They both entered. Lift doors closed. Just when it reached above 3rd floor, it suddenly stopped with a jerk. Preetham screamed. Sharon glared at him. They were in there for a whole 5 mins now. Preetham seemed scared. Sharon sighed and asked, “Badam?”

“Huh?” asked Preetham.

“You want some Badam?” asked Sharon again.

“Ahmmm… what if I want water after I eat it?” asked Preetham. Sharon showed him her fully filled water bottle. Preetham got the badam box from her and took a few.

“I also have idli for breakfast. I am going to eat. You want some?” asked Sharon. Preetham nodded. They both shared idli and chutney. Preetham saw that Sharon was wearing a dangling metal earrings. It moved every time she moved. The sight was beautiful. Preetham slowly calmed down. He even wished they could spend more time in the lift.


Preetham was trying to start his car for the 5th time. It was just not starting. He turned the engine off and got out of the car. He called his mechanic and stated the situation. Then, he proceeded to take his bag and walk out of the parking lot. He saw a woman in a scooter coming his way. He stopped to let the scooter pass. The scooter stopped beside him and The woman lifted the helmet. “Hi!” Sharon said.

“Hi!” replied Preetham, pleasantly surprised.

“Going home?” she asked.

“Yes!” he replied.

“Sit! I’ll drop you till the main gate,” she said.

“No problem! I’ll walk,” said Preetham.

“Where do you stay?” she asked.

“Mauli Marg,” replied Preetham.

“Well! I am going to my Aunt’s place. I go through Mauli Marg. Come on, I’ll drop you,” said Sharon.

Preetham thought for a second and decided to go with Sharon.


“I cannot believe you did not get your Visa man,” said Preetham’s friend.

Preetham sighed, smiled and looked at his friend. “It is OK man! I was not very keen anyway,” said Preetham as he typed on his computer.

“How can you be so casual. People would kill for onsite opportunities. You almost had it man. Look! It is OK to feel sad,” said his friend.

Preetham smiled. Weirdly, he was not feeling sad. He was confused as to why he was not feeling sad too. It felt right, somehow.

“Anyway! The new BA is joining today. You will have to give her some KT on the application,” said his friend.

“OK! When will she be coming to this office?” asked Preetham.

“She joined 2 days back. Should be coming today. Anyway, verify with the HR,” said his friend.


“Sharon! It has just been one week since your divorce. Do you have to get back to work immediately?” asked her mother worriedly.

“Mom! Life does not stop after divorce. I have to eat, live. I need money. I have to work. So please stop worrying,” said Sharon as she packed her things in her bag.

“OK dear! Just… just be happy,” said her mother in a teary voice.

“All set Sharon?” asked the HR as she came to stand near the desk. Sharon nodded. “Mom! I have to go! I’ll call you later?” she asked on the phone.

“OK! Bye sweetie!” said her mother and cut the call.

“I have booked a cab for you to go the head office. You have to meet Preetham. He is the project Manager. He’ll fill you in on your responsibilities,” said the HR.

“OK! Thanks! Neeta,” said Sharon and left to board the cab.


Preetham filled his coffee cup and took a cookie along with him to the desk. There was no one in the cubicle. Strange, he thought. As he kept the coffee down, “I thought the name Preetham sounded familiar!” he heard someone say and looked up.

It was Sharon. She smiled brightly at him and he forgot about the coffee, cookie and himself.



“What are you up to now?” asked God 1 to God 2. God 2 immediately hid the board and pretended to meditate.

“For the love of all gods, are you messing up people’s lives again?” asked God 2.

“Hey! humans are dumb in matters of relationships. They need divine intervention,” said God 1.

“More like a bored God’s time pass,” said God 2 and sat near God 1, “Anyway! Show me! Are they falling in love?” asked God 2.

God 1 smiled and took the board out, which showed Preetham and Sharon laughing and having a conversation.

6 thoughts on “When gods have fun!

  1. Simon Nisha says:

    Hey Spicy Rasam! Whats your real name anyway? Its weird to call you Spicy Rasam😉. Well coming to your story. This is perfectly narrated. Loved the way you bring each characters to life. And specially thr God concept. Actually guessed the concept through title. But the story is awesome✨👌✍️ Keep writing… You got a Fan!….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. NJ says:

      haha! My name is Gayathri, Simon. Thanks a ton for your support! Keep reading… 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Chirantan Srivastava says:

    Damn the Gods! 😁😁😁😁😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. NJ says:



  3. sandomina says:

    Nice one. Personally, I cannot handle Rasam. I find it too sour, and always land up with a sore throat.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. NJ says:

      That’s ok… As long as you like the content here😋

      Liked by 1 person

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